About us

Manufacturer and suppliers of the Natural Jaggery and Jaggery Products in India, we invite you to browse our online shop where you will find everything from organic jaggery powder and Immunity Booster to Sulphur-free sugar, all packaged with love by Devamrut. As for the food industry, we aim to provide high quality organic products that our customers can have confidence in.  

Our Journey:
Our company, Devamrut was established in 2019. Since then we have become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of many different organic food products. We take pride in providing various products to our customers, like the Devamrut Organic Jaggery & other items.

Quality Assurance:
Devamrut emphasizes the quality and freshness of its products. This is why we put our products through a series of rigorous quality tests. Our quest for quality is also reflected in our fair treatment of customers.

Client Satisfaction:
At Devamrut customer satisfaction comes first. We work with clients closely to understand their special needs and offer them best of the lot. Our prices are reasonable, and we operate on the basis of transparency and openness in all our business so as to maintain long-term relationships with customers.

Manufacturing by Cybas Agro Nutraceuticals:
We are delighted to be manufacturing its products in partnership with Cybas Agro Nutraceuticals, a famous firm operating on the food scene. Through this partnership, we draw on Cybas Agro Nutraceuticals’ expertise and capabilities to make sure our products are of the highest quality.

Our Team:
Behind Devamrut’s success lies a professional team dedicated to meeting the soaring demands of our clients. On our team, people from a variety of backgrounds use their talents to help us work more productively and deliver superior products. We buy the best quality raw materials from reliable sellers and invest all resources needed to bring you one-of-a kind goods. Our internationally renowned Immunity Booster Jaggery Powder, Natural Liquid Jiggery, High Quality Tambdi Handra (pure minerals), Devamrut Organic Checker Board of Economically Stamped Joy Signature

Excellence, quality and customer satisfaction are the guiding lights at Devamrut. Come with us in our quest to give the best organic food products possible.

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